About the Wind Park

The Project of Zaporizhia Wind Park (Zaporizhia WP) 500 MW is implemented by EuroCape Ukraine I Company starting from 2009.

Zaporizhia WP is located outside the settlements within the administrative boundaries of Nove, Oleksandrivka, and Pryazovske Village United Territorial Communities of Melitopol District of Zaporizhia Region.

It is planned to install up to 167 wind turbines in the mentioned territory.

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In the spring of 2020, the construction of the First Phase of the Zaporizhia WP with a capacity of 98 MW was fully completed, namely: 27 wind turbines with a capacity of 3.6 MW by GE Renewable Energy were installed; the high-voltage electric substation - Zaporizhia WP 35/330 kV has been constructed; and the 330 kV power transmission line was erected.

Eurocape Ukraine I, LLC has completed the signing of all the necessary agreements and, having received all permits and licenses, starting from May 1, 2021, began to supply electricity to the power system of Ukraine at a "green" tariff set by NEURCU (National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine). 
That was the main and final step in the process of launching the First Phase 98 MW of Zaporizhia Wind Park.

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The Renewable Energy Sector of Ukraine with the launch of the First Phase of Zaporizhia Wind Park had
1.43 GW of wind energy installed capacity in Ukraine
8.79 GW of total capacity from all renewable sources in Ukraine
First Phase of Zaporizhia WP: 
27 turbines 3.6 MW GE Renewable Energy
Total capacity of 98.01 MW
Planned amount of electrical energy output 325.500 million kW. h / year
About the Сompany

EuroCape Ukraine I Limited Liability Company - is a subsidiary company that indirectly belongs to LongWing Energy.

LongWing S.C.A – independent European producer of electrical energy, which buys, constructs and operates at a long date onshore wind and solar parks in Europe. 

LongWing Energy Company owns, develops, constructs and operates wind parks in France, Poland and Ukraine with the total capacity of about 900 MW